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History of Schulte

In 1901 Reinhard Schulte opened his own factory in Duisberg, Germany weaving fur fabrics. Not long after the creator of the teddy bear Richard Steiff, asked Herr Schulte to weave fabrics that could be used to make his new teddy bear creations. And so began a partnership between Schulte and the world famous Steiff collectable teddy bears which still endures today.

Schulte Mohair is made from one of nature's first sources of fibre, the Angora goat. The fur of the Angora goat is naturally white, curly and shiny. It's fibres have a remarkable strength when made into a pile fabric. These characteristics, together with it's silky feel and sheen, make mohair one of the finest fibres offered by nature.

For over a century Schulte of Duisberg have been weaving the finest in fur fabrics. This long tradition of "know how" developed over many generations, together with huge investments in the latest technology and production processes, make Schulte fabrics without equal world wide.

All Schulte fabrics are meticulously checked before leaving the factory. Unlike other manufacturers, every aspect of production from weaving through to dying and finishing (i.e. perming and curling) takes place in Schulte's Duisberg factory. This guarantees that the highest standards of quality control are maintained over the entire production process to ensure that you the customer receive only flawless material.

In addition to unsurpassed quality. Schulte's strength also lies in the almost endless number of colours, lengths, densities and finishes (i.e. perms, waves, curls etc.) they can produce colours. Whatever colour and style you want - curly, swirly, distressed, sparse, ratinee, antique, matted, plain and more - Schulte produce all.

Today the company which Reinhard Schulte founded is the world leader in weaving mohair fur fabrics. The name "Schulte" has become synonomous with the finest quality fur fabrics and as the world's largest supplier of mohair and alpaca fur fabrics, Schulte's Duisburg factory is a mecca for teddy bear makers.